Suffield Academy




Dear Suffield Academy Parents & Students:

Thank you for choosing Julie’s to serve your laundry needs at Suffield Academy. We are fortunate to have the opportunity and grateful for your continuous support of our business since 1991. We hope you will sign up by 8/15 so that your welcome package with 2 color coded laundry bags, 2 garment bags, instructions, and delivery calendar will be delivered to your dorm before you arrive. Proctors and athletes arriving early may need our services earlier. We are located less than 10 minutes from campus if you need to call on us. Julie’s will continue to do our best to serve your laundry needs so you can do other important things. We process each student’s laundry individually and often go the extra mile to unroll socks and separate layers for a better wash. Laundry is machine wash and dry. Dry clean only items are dry cleaned and pressed. Washable and press are also offered. Sorry, we do not hand wash or air dry. We do not wash belts, shoes, rugs or pillows.

  • We are noted for honesty in returning found cash, credit cards, driver’s license, cell phone accessories, keys, wallets, etc. to their owners. Please empty your pockets because pens and gum may stain your laundry permanently.
  • We are GREEN with no plastic bag waste. Each sign up will receive two sets of fabric laundry and garment bags. Turn in one set and keep the other set to collect laundry tidy for next time.
  • Our laundry bags are big and easy to pack all your laundry. Please do not use your garment bags to pack your laundry. No need to sort, just give us an empty Garment Bags to pack your cleaned hanging items like shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, suit jackets, ties & etc.
  • We deliver to the dorm’s laundry pick up area with a 3-4 day turnaround on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning on campus at 9:00am. Signs with reminders are posted in each dorm common area.
  • We want to keep prices fair. One person’s normal usage rule is 18lbs max per time. Do take out your clean clothes before packing your laundry. We will no longer pick up any overstuffed and heavy bag. Please Note: We will clean for you only. Violators will discontinue service with no refund.
  • We are not responsible or liable for any lost articles, unstable dyes, items left in pockets and garments that do not hold up in the cleaning process. The laundry area is very limited so please bring your clean laundry to your room as soon as possible to avoid clutter and mix-ups.

Have a nice summer. We are ready to serve you and look forward to seeing you in September. If you have any requests, comments, or questions please email, call or text.


Julie & Staff

Plan #1: $1100.00 + $69.85 (CT sales tax 6.35%) = $1169.85  (2 Laundry & 2 Garment Bags)

    • Laundry, sheets & towels : Wash-Dry-Fold and Hang. Comforters can be cleaned up to 5 times.

Plan #2:  $1300.00 + $82.55 (CT sales tax 6.35%) = $1382.55 (2 Laundry & 2 Garment Bags)

  • Laundry, sheets and towels: Wash-Dry-Fold and Hang. Comforters can be cleaned up to 5 times.
  • Washables & Press [For boys: pants & shirts. For girls: pants, skirts & blouses.

Plan #3: $800.00 + $50.80 (CT sales tax 6.35%) = $850.80 Minimum Charge (2 Laundry & 2 Garment Bags)

  • Laundry, sheets, and towels: Wash-Dry-Fold; $1.60/lb minimum 10 lbs, at $16.00 + CT sales tax per order.
  • Comforters, blankets, pressing, dry cleaning, and sewing services are charged itemized. Credit card requested on file.
  • Statement and receipts will be provided.

Plan #4: $1575.00 + $100.01 CT sales tax 6.35%= $1675.01 Best Value Plan (2 Laundry & 2 Garment Bags)

  • Laundry, sheets, and towels: Wash-Dry-Fold and Hang. Comforters can be cleaned up to 5 times.
  • Washables & Press [For boys: pants & shirts. For girls: pants, skirts & blouses.
  • Dry Clean jackets, ties, sweaters, slacks, skirts, dresses & winter jackets.

Plan #5: $400.00 + $25.40 CT sales tax 6.35%= $425.40 Convenience Plan for moving in and out (Zipper storage bag)

  • Must sign up by 8/15 and in conjunction with any one of the above laundry plans.
  • Linen Rental Service. Package includes NEW: 2 blankets, 2 Twin sheet sets, 1 pillow & 4 towel sets. Linens are assigned to you for the academic year.
  • For your convenience, We will wash and deliver the package to your dorm after you check in with us at registration. Let us know if you will arrive to school earlier.
  • Laundry: Wash-dry-fold with your other laundry plan.

This package may be reused for next year or take home for $50.00.  For next year reuse: Julie’s will pick up the package after close of school to store, clean, and deliver it back to your dorm in Sept.  For purchase to take home, you will be charged  $50.00. Just let us know your choice by the last week of school in May.